Medical Student Fundraising FAQs

How do I create a Justgiving Page?

  1. Create a justgiving fundraising page by creating an account on Justgiving and clicking “start fundraising”
  2. You will get the question: “What are you raising money for?”- click “A charity”
  3. Type “RMBF” in the cause search bar- Royal Medical Benevolent Fund will come up top of the list- click “select”
  4. Choose the type of fundraising you’re planning, and add the name of the event
  5. Under the question: “Are you planning to ask for donations to your JustGiving page in return for goods, services or other benefits?” select which is relevant to you- e.g. if you are doing a bake sale or pizza night this would be a “yes” but if you are doing a challenge event where you will be sponsored, this would be “no”.
  6. Under the question: “Is your charity contributing to the cost of your fundraising?” select “No”
  7. Your page is created! Any funds you raise through your page will go straight to RMBF, and if anyone gift aids their donation, £0.25 for every £1 they donate will go to RMBF.
  8. Don’t forget to share your Justgiving page link with friends and family/on social media if you’d like to, so they can sponsor you. Photos or updates as you prepare for your fundraising are great to see too!

Can you fundraise as a group?

We welcome groups and recommend a maximum of 4 people in a team.  Each team member needs to raise at least £200 to qualify for their own personalised certificate, letter of recognition and goody pack (e.g a group of 4 would need to raise £800 in total to each receive a goody pack, certificate and letter of recognition).  Alternatively, we can send one goody pack when you reach £200 and personalised certificates for up to 4 team members.  For teams bigger than 4 people, we can provide a certificate for the main team organiser and a certificate for the school/organisation.  If setting up a joint Justgiving page, please follow the instructions below and sent the full names and email addresses of all the other participants to [email protected]

How do I set up a joint or team Justgiving page with my friends?

  1. Follow the instructions above for setting up a Justgiving page with RMBF as the selected charity.
  2. Follow the instructions on Justgiving for creating a team page.
  3. Email [email protected] with the full names & email addresses of the other people fundraising with you, so that we can contact them when you reach your fundraising target (£200 per person, so for example this would be £600 for three of you taking part). We can then arrange to send you all your individual certificate, letter of recognition and goody pack!

How do I send my money in without a Justgiving page?

Cheques- write “FREEPOST RMBF” on the envelope (you don’t need our address) and send via post for free. Please add your name and address. Please send an email [email protected] so we can look out for it.

Online donation- make sure you add to the comments box your name and address.

Bank transfer- please get in touch via [email protected] so we can give you the details and reference number.

Where does my money go?

£200 could help a student at risk of dropping out, due to financial difficulties caused by unexpected illness, injury or bereavement.

Once signing up, when do we receive an email from RMBF?

You will immediately receive an email from RMBF explaining how to get started fundraising. Please check your junk mail- if you still cannot see the email, please contact [email protected]

Over what period of time do I need to fundraise?

There is no time limit- but the sooner you fundraise £200, the sooner you will receive your certificate, letter of recognition and goody pack!

Can I fundraise at my medical school/society or faith group?

Yes! It’s a great idea to get your medical school/society or faith group involved- just check permission with your medical school/society or faith group leader first.

Does it need to be a fundraising event or can we ask friends or relatives to donate?

No it doesn’t need to be an event- friends and relatives are welcome to donate. The simplest way of doing this is to set up a Justgiving page (see step-by-step guide above).

Does it matter how much money is raised?

Any fundraising is appreciated as everything can help make a difference to the lives of medical students and doctors. However to receive the certificate, letter of recognition and goody pack, you will need to reach £200.

How can I show evidence that I am fundraising for RMBF?

We can provide you with a letter on headed paper, with your full name and stating that you are fundraising on behalf of RMBF- please just send us an email to [email protected] and we can arrange to post this to you.

Could this be useful for applications to junior doctor positions- and how?

Yes, showing you are taking part in an extra-curricular activity can give your application a boost. It gives you something different to talk about at interviews and helps you stand out from the crowd. It also demonstrates your care for the medical community.

Can you fundraise in groups with students who are not medical students?

Of course. Even if not studying medicine, each participant (if they wish) can still receive a certificate, letter of recognition and goody pack if they fundraise £200. If setting up a joint justgiving page, please send the full names & email addresses of the other participants to [email protected]

Does the fundraising activity need to specifically link to RMBF?

No, the activity doesn’t need to be related to RMBF or medicine- it could be a bake sale, challenge event, even tutoring or babysitting.