RMBF volunteer

About the RMBF Volunteer role

This is a varied and flexible role with no regular time commitments so can fit in around your busy work schedule. You could do one, or all, of the following activities:

  • Distribute RMBF promotional material
  • Support RMBF staff at medical conferences and events across the UK
  • Deliver talks and presentations on RMBF services
  • Formal and informal networking activities
  • Raise our profile online through your own networks/social media
  • Individual fundraising/challenge events
  • Support community fundraising events

We provide training, guidance and useful resources to all our volunteers.

Many volunteers are also involved in our local Guilds across the country, who support the RMBF with local fundraising and community events. Our Guilds are always looking for new faces, so why not get involved?

Find out more about RMBF local Guilds

Having had what, I consider to have been a privileged career, it saddens me to witness how poorly we as a nation are looking after our medical workforce. As there is no support for them I wish to fill that gap as best as I can.


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