Help and support for doctors

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Financial help for doctors and their families

If you are a doctor or a doctor's family member, and you are facing financial hardship as a result of illness, injury, disability, bereavement or age, you may be eligible for financial support from the RMBF.

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Confidential psychotherapy for doctors

DocHealth is a confidential, not-for-profit psychotherapy service for all UK doctors, provided by the RMBF and the BMA. It is exclusively self-referral, with no report writing unless specifically requested by the doctor using the service. Fees are based on ability to pay, and for doctors in certain circumstances, fees can be covered entirely.

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Doctor Advice Hub

If you are not eligible for our financial support, you may still be able to benefit from our online advice hub. It contains a wealth of helpful information and resources, covering health and wellbeing, returning to work, money issues, and much more.

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Help for refugee doctors

If you are a refugee doctor retraining to practise medicine in the UK, we may be able to help with a one off award.

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Online wellbeing resource

Our online wellbeing resource offers a range of helpful advice and information for medics of all ages. Provided by Rightsteps, it covers a wide range of ways to look after your mental and physical health, including advice on wellbeing during the Covid-19 crisis.

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Other organisations that can help

If we're not able to provide the right type of support for your circumstances, other organisations may be able to help. Here you can browse a list of other organisations and find out what support they provide.

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