How we help doctors

The RMBF offers a range of support for doctors in the UK and their families.

  • Financial help for doctors and their families who are struggling financially due to illness, injury, disability, bereavement or age; or whose ability to work has been affected by Covid-19.

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  • Psychotherapy sessions via the joint RMBF and BMA service, DocHealth. These are confidential and on a self-referral basis.

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  • Health and wellbeing support via our range of online resources and sessions.

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Financial help for doctors and their families


You must be GMC registered, have little in the way of income and savings and be unable to support yourself financially due to illness, disability, bereavement or because you are over state retirement age; or because your ability to work has been affected by Covid-19.

What we provide

  • Monthly grants to help with essential day-to-day living costs
  • Back-to-work awards, if you are returning to work after a period of illness
  • Help with purchasing specialist equipment
  • Help with purchasing disability adaptations for your car or home

If you are eligible for financial support, we may also be able to provide other types of help depending on your circumstances, including:

  • Money and debt management advice
  • Telephone befriending, if you are isolated and in need of support

What we don’t provide

The RMBF does not provide financial support towards the cost of certain items, including:

  • Private health care and treatment
  • Private education
  • Legal fees
  • Inland Revenue payments
  • Repaying loans from family and friends

Family members

We cannot provide support for all family members of doctors, only their direct dependants. This usually means financially dependent children, spouses or partners of doctors.

How do I apply for help?

Email [email protected], or fill in the contact form below, to get in touch with our Casework team and discuss whether you are eligible for help.

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  • An asterisk (*) indicates a required field. Other fields are optional.

You can also contact us via phone on 020 8540 9194 (select option 1). Please be advised that due to home working, it is better to contact us via email if you can.

Confidential psychotherapy for doctors

DocHealth is a confidential, not-for-profit psychotherapy service for all UK doctors, provided by the RMBF and the BMA. It is exclusively self-referral, with no report writing unless specifically requested by the doctor using the service. Fees are based on ability to pay, and for doctors in certain circumstances, fees can be covered entirely.

DocHealth can help with many issues, including

  • Relationship difficulties at work and at home
  • Burnout and work/life balance
  • Bullying or harassment
  • Communication difficulties
  • Adjustment difficulties
  • Examination stress
  • Inquiry/clinical incident stress
  • Trauma past or present
  • Bereavement/loss
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Find out more and access help at the DocHealth website

Health and wellbeing resources

Our online wellbeing resource, provided by Rightsteps, covers a wide range of ways to look after your mental and physical health, including advice on wellbeing during the Covid-19 crisis.

It offers different types of sessions to suit your needs, from bite-size top tips helping you begin positive change, to structured, self-guided sessions that explore issues in more depth.

Visit the Rightsteps online wellbeing resource

The RMBF website also hosts a range of advice articles covering different aspects of health and wellbeing, including managing your money, family and home life, and career advice.

Our health & wellbeing articles

You can also access a list of other organisations that can help doctors in difficulty, which you can filter by the type of support needed.

Other helpful organisations