The RMBF is the UK charity for doctors, medical students and their families.

We provide financial support, money advice and information when it is most needed due to age, ill health, disability and bereavement.

In a typical year, our beneficiaries range from young children to those well into their nineties or even older. Our approach is to provide a package of help to ensure dignity and quality of life.

Help that makes a difference

The RMBF provides support for doctors and their families through all stages of their career and beyond. Our help ranges from financial assistance in the form of grants and loans to a telephone befriending scheme for those who may be isolated and in need of support.

Nobody is immune to misfortune and each individual’s need is different. Each applicant is assessed according to their needs by our Case Committee and decisions are made quickly and in confidence to create a tailored package of support.

The RMBF is committed to leading the way in providing support and advice to members of the medical profession and their dependants at times of crisis and serious need. As the medical profession continues to change, we will be ready to meet new and emerging needs.

Guided by the profession

The majority of our Board and our volunteers come from a medical background. This means that as an organisation we understand the unique pressures facing doctors on a day to day basis. Our volunteers come from all areas in the medical profession and help to ensure that the RMBF is delivering the best support possible.

Funded by medical families

The RMBF relies on voluntary donations. The money we raise to support doctors and their families comes from fellow doctors and their families. Without the help of our generous donors we could not continue to provide vital support to the medical profession.