How do I start fundraising?

Are you keen to support doctors and medical students in need, but don’t know where to start? Here are some tips to get you started on your fundraising journey!

Would you prefer fundraising solo, or with friends?

Both have their benefits, but getting others involved can have a big impact – ask around in your workplace, school, or local community! Hobby groups can be a great source of support – maybe your choir, yoga class or football team. Check out our A-Z of fundraising ideas and find out more about our fundraising heroes to get inspired!

Let us know about your ideas

We’re always keen to hear about your plans, and how we can support you. And if you’re not quite sure, we can help you think through ideas! Fill in the contact form below or email our friendly team on [email protected]

Start planning

You might want to check in with any groups or venues you’re working with; plan your challenge route or activity; or just set a date and time so you have something to work towards!

Set up a Justgiving page with RMBF as the charity

Our FAQ pages for aspiring medical students and medical students explain how.

Share your Justgiving page

With friends and family, on your social platforms of choice, or on flyers or posters with a QR code (we can help!).

Send us photos

We love to see what you’ve been up to! Send us a photo and tell us about your fundraising journey – you could feature in our Newsletter, or write a blog for this site!


General Fundraising Contact Form

    We will only contact you via the methods of communication you're happy with. Please confirm if you are happy for us to contact you via the following channels with information about our news, activities and how you can donate and support our work (including volunteering or fundraising on our behalf). Your details will only be used by the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund – we will never give your information to other organisations to use for marketing purposes. You can find further information in our full Privacy Policy.
    If aged below 18 years, I will keep my parent/guardian informed of all fundraising activities for the RMBF. I understand it is illegal if aged under 18 years to hold events with alcohol. I understand if aged under 18 years, it is illegal to hold events with raffles or lotteries. I understand that I must be aged over 16 years to take part in street collections and I must check with my local authority to obtain a licence for street collections. I understand with house-to-house collections, that I must be aged over 18 if collections are taking place in the City of London, or over the age of 16 years if taking place in other locations of the UK.