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A white bowl full of RMBF-branded stress balls. They are in the shape of a medicine capsule, blue and white, with the RMBF logo printed in black.


Leaflets RMBF overview leaflet (.pdf) Outline of the support we can offer to doctors, medical students and their families in times of need Medical Student Programme leaflet (.pdf) For distribution in medical schools, this leaflet explains the RMBF’s work and encourages students to seek help Posters Our posters can help spread the word of the support we […]

An illustration of a ECG trace.

The Vital Signs

Wanted – medical staff High academic achievers only with strong perfectionist and self-critical traits preferred. Successful candidates will have had: 5+ years training in party-fuelled student culture followed by sleep deprivation and long hours in their twenties; regular exposure to death, loss and human misfortune; never-ending exams and lifelong study; constant onerous responsibility for other […]