Record levels of demand from a profession under strain

But your donations are helping us support more doctors and medical students than ever

The RMBF has seen an unprecedented number of doctors turning to the charity for help this year. The 2022-23 period saw 343 beneficiaries receiving help – an 11% increase on last year and part of a continuing upwards trend.

Working doctors and medical students are facing a wide range of pressures, from the continued impact of the Covid pandemic to the ongoing cost of living crisis. When coupled with unexpected hardship – such as an injury, or a death in the family – the consequences can be severe.

Nearly half of all those seeking support are struggling with their mental health. We have also seen a worrying increase in doctors experiencing domestic abuse.

However, thanks to your generous donations, the RMBF has been able to meet this high level of demand, providing targeted financial help, expert money advice, and wellbeing support.

The awareness-raising efforts of supporters and volunteers, meanwhile, have helped ensure more doctors and medical students than ever know where to turn when times are tough.

“Each one of those beneficiaries is facing a different challenge and a different set of circumstances,” said RMBF CEO Steve Crone, “and there is no one-size-fits-all solution when a doctor or medical student is struggling.

“By carefully assessing every request for help that comes to our Grants & Awards Committee, and then providing a tailored package of support, we can be confident we are having the biggest possible impact.

“It’s important to remember this is only possible thanks to our supporters’ kind donations, as well as the expert insight provided by our trustees, Committee members and volunteer network.”

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