My name is Nojus Tamosiunas and I am currently in Year 12 studying Biology, Chemistry and Psychology at A-level which I find to be very heavy and demanding subjects. Like most A-level students, I find myself stressed and often overwhelmed with the workload, and craving social interaction. So I enjoy working as a barista – to have more social interactions, learn the art of coffee making, and get better at organisation. I have been working at Costa at ExCeL London since August 2023, and I’ve formed many relationships with coworkers, customers and contractors – this allowed me to have a platform to fundraise for the RMBF, and played an important role in my fundraising goals.

Thankfully, I had the support of my managers and contractors to do this, many customers of Costa also recognised my face from the event and sent their best wishes!

Poster for the fundraiser

Often we have upwards of 60,000 people at ExCeL a day, which allowed me to reach the fundraising goal within a few weeks. I am very grateful to have the platform and opportunity to fundraise for the RMBF, and feel appreciative that I could also raise awareness of the RMBF’s goals and objectives.

Nojus with his coffee trolley!

It was a great experience, since it allowed me to reach out of my comfort zone, it was really fun, and I had hundreds of exhibitors smiling and wishing me luck!