Meet Iniya and Taiba

Hi there, my name is Iniya and I am a Year 12 student. I am an aspiring medic and would love to enter the medical field one day. Having grown up with a lot of medical influence, from having family in medicine to being a worried daughter and sister in a hospital room, this cause is important to me.

Hi, my name is Taiba and I am a Year 12 student. I am not an aspiring medic, but I do look up to and admire them. I admire their selflessness and wanted to show my respect by helping this cause, because countless other people I know have benefited from the services that doctors and other medical professionals provide. This is a way I can demonstrate my support.

Why the RMBF?

Supporting the RMBF makes a real difference to the lives of doctors and their families. The concept of helping those who help us was something that immediately appealed to us, and motivated us to do as much as we could. Together, we felt that we could make a positive impact.

The event 

We set up a raffle in our school library where students had the chance to win prizes. We advertised our raffle via posters, PowerPoint, and online announcements to get as many people interested as possible to reach the goal. It was a big success, and we surpassed our fundraising goal!

What’s next?

Building on the success of the raffle, we have decided to further our support by setting up more events within our school and the community. We are currently planning a debate competition that we hope will be just as successful and gain people’s attention. Hopefully we can influence others to take part in this and all the other competitions and events we will be running throughout the school year!