Katie Melua supports doctors in need with RMBF charity single

We are delighted to say that celebrated singer-songwriter Katie Melua is supporting doctors in hardship, with all proceeds from her new single “14 Windows” going towards the work of the RMBF.

The song, taken from her ninth album Love & Money, is inspired by the psychiatrist who helped Katie after she experienced a severe mental health crisis in 2010, but who would also go on to take his own life last year.

“This song is a dedication to a doctor who saved my life,” said Katie. “He gave me back a quality of life which I’ll be forever grateful for… I was off all my medication after two years of being under his care. And when I heard last year that he took his own life I was floored.

“Naively, I didn’t think that could ever happen to someone like him, but of course he and other doctors are at the front line of some of the worst battles people are facing, and being exposed to that daily, constantly, must take its toll.”

47% of those who turned to us for help last year were struggling with their mental health.

And we know that doctors are at greater risk of burnout, depression and suicide compared to the general working population.

By supporting the RMBF with the release of “14 Windows”, Katie is not only raising vital funds for doctors, medical students and their families in times of hardship, but also helping spread awareness of the charity, ensuring doctors know where to turn for help when things get tough.

“My dad is a GP at an NHS practice and he almost never talks about his work,” Katie said. “I’d like to think that if there was ever a situation where he needed support outside of his family and friends, he’d give the RMBF a call.”

On behalf of everyone who will benefit, an enormous thank you to Katie for supporting the charity with her work.