The application process

Applicant makes initial inquiry via email or phone to RMBF Casework Department

Caseworker establishes the eligibility of the candidate

If they are not eligible:

Signposted to other organisations such as BMA, local deanery, debt advice charities

If they are eligible:

Caseworker sends out an application form with a request for supporting health and financial documentation

Caseworker might ask the RMBF money adviser to contact the applicant and report on their circumstances

Caseworker prepares report for the Grants & Awards Committee with their recommendations of support

Grants and Awards Committee members make the final decision on financial support

About the Grants and Awards Committee (GAC)

The GAC is delegated by the Board of Trustees to approve all applications that are made to the RMBF. The GAC works within an annual budget set by the Board of Trustees, which delegates authority to decide whether or not to award financial help, and what type of support should be given. The GAC meets six times a year at the RMBF’s office in Wimbledon, or remotely if this is not possible.. GAC members represent a cross-section of the medical community, both working and retired, and bring with them a wealth of experience and knowledge.

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