Promoting the work of the RMBF as a student

By promoting the RMBF’s work, student volunteers help to ensure that their fellow students know about the services and support available, should they require them.

RMBF student volunteers are encouraged to promote the work of the RMBF however they are able, both formally and informally. The role is a flexible one, to take account of time commitments, study and work schedules. For example, they can promote the RMBF by:

  • Organise stands at freshers’ fairs, wellbeing events, mental health awareness days etc.
  • Represent the RMBF on student-staff liaison committees
  • Distribute RMBF leaflets
  • Giving shout-outs on the Facebook pages of student Medical Societies
  • Retweet and share RMBF activity on Twitter
  • Integrate with pre-existing medical school welfare sources
  • Disseminate information at key stages of course where financial and mental pressure may be higher (e.g. freshers’ fair, elective planning)
  • Arrange to have a 10-minute slot to talk about the RMBF at the end of lectures or group teaching sessions
  • Work with others to create a signposting system, via Medical Societies and other groups
  • Help to identify emerging needs of medical students by participating in the RMBF Medical Student Advisory Group
  • Assist the RMBF with research projects and providing feedback on proposed RMBF strategies and policies

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