Confidentiality and data protection

The RMBF is committed to providing a confidential service to those we help – applicants/beneficiaries. The RMBF must comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and can only collect and share personal data which is relevant for the purposes of processing and monitoring applications for charitable support, and must keep all such data stored securely. We therefore ask everyone who volunteers for us, and in particular, to those who provide coach mentoring, befriending and members of the Grants and Awards Committee members, to take every precaution to ensure that any personal data about applicants/beneficiaries that is given to them by the RMBF’s staff is kept safe and confidential. Please read and follow the guidance below.

RMBF Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality is a means of providing applicants and beneficiaries with safety and privacy. Due to the sensitivity and personal nature of information shared by applicants and beneficiaries, it is therefore essential that volunteers adhere to the following code:

  • Volunteers should treat any information received from applicants and beneficiaries as confidential and, as such, not to be communicated to other agencies without that person’s consent, by means of a signed letter of authority
  • Information received from applicants and beneficiaries is regarded as confidential within the organisation. It may only be shared with other staff and volunteers with respect and discretion
  • Information received from an applicant or a beneficiary should not be shared with another applicant and/or beneficiary
  • Any written information concerning an applicant or beneficiary must be stored in a secure manner
  • Information should be recorded in a factual manner, without personal opinion or judgment
  • Access to information held on applicants and beneficiaries should be in line with the RMBF’s Data Protection Policy
  • Where a specialist internal or external service is accessed (e.g. money advice, coach mentoring) volunteers will not have access to personal information disclosed and will work in line with the service provider’s own confidentiality policy
  • Any applicant or beneficiary who is unhappy with the level of confidentiality is entitled to use the complaints procedure to pursue the matter

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