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The Fathom Trust supports people in physical, mental, or spiritual distress by restoring life-giving connections to body, soul, nature, and society.

We are developing an innovative model of integrated health and pastoral care, one which prioritizes the quality and resilience of relationships between patients, practitioners, and their communities. Our philosophy underpins an ethical foundation for addressing life’s challenges through mindful participation in creative arts, heritage crafts, nature conservation, and contemplation.

Our foundational arts and crafts programme, Making Well, offers a fundamentally different model of care, a deep-rooted approach to addressing mental health and wellbeing needs of people and the prosperity, resilience and connectedness of their communities. We do this in collaborative, equitable partnerships between local Artisans, conservationists, mindfulness practitioners, and healthcare services.

We focus on both individual and community dimensions of health, offering long-term solutions to entrenched issues concerning resilience, loneliness, social cohesion, and economy, the neglect of which are key drivers of poor health and wellbeing. Making Well constitutes a holistic solution to burgeoning unmet mental health needs for which current provision struggles to meet with the justice and equity which people and communities deserve.

Along this, our DareGale series of retreats offer healthcare practitioners a chance to participate in rural crafts, conversation and contemplative practice and to encounter personal insights based on mental and bodily feedback, as a basis for positive habits of mind, body and soul.

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The logo of the Fathom Trust. A stylised lower case "F" in a circle, with a small bird perched in the upper loop. Text reads "The Fathom Trust - Making Well"