Medical students’ stories

The RMBF supports talented medical students, who are facing hardship, to go on and qualify as doctors. Find out how our help made a difference

Photo of Belal, a medical student who received help from the RMBF. He is a brown-skinned man with a full beard. In the picture, he's talking with a smile.
During my first year, I underwent a few health difficulties. I was losing blood on a daily basis for several months, and I was constantly feeling tired. Originally I planned to work during my early years at medical school, to make up the financial shortfall I was facing, but the ill health that I suffered meant that I couldn't work anymore. I was in a very desperate situation, didn't know who to turn to. So I did a few internet searches, and I came across the RMBF.
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Picture of Victoria, a medical student who received help from the RMBF. She is a light-skinned woman with long red hair. She is talking to the camera, looking thoughtful.
During the second year of my undergraduate degree, in the May, my mother passed away from lung cancer. And so all of the support system that I had in place when I applied for medicine two years beforehand had obviously changed. I was now a single parent looking after two small children, and having to financially support everyone. During the fourth year of my degree it had got to a point where the financial situation was so dire that I had to make a decision. I spoke to my educational supervisor and he suggested that I should contact the RMBF.
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