What to do after your course has finished

After your course has finished, you may be eligible for Universal Credit

You stop being counted as a student for means tested benefits on the last day of the course in your final academic year. This is usually earlier than the day on which you graduate. From then on, if you’re seeking work or on a low income, you can claim Universal Credit until you start the first year of your Foundation Programme.

Universal Credit

  • Universal Credit is a benefit paid to people seeking work or working on a low income.
  • If you are seeking work you will have a requirement to spend a certain amount of time looking for work and to evidence this in order to claim.
  • Universal Credit contains elements for living costs and housing costs (and family livings costs and childcare as appropriate).
  • You can claim if living with parents
  • Getting Universal Credit also gives you help with health costs – so it is an opportunity to get your eyes tested, your teeth checked etc. before you are too busy in your first job.

Where to find help

If you are not sure what you may be entitled to, or how to go about claiming, you should be able to get further help from:

  • Your university’s Student Advice Services, which may be based either in the university or the Students’ Union
  • Citizens’ Advice
  • Welfare rights offices run by local authorities. You can find out if there is an office near you by looking on the website of your local Council.

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