Grants, bursaries and awards

NHS Bursaries are probably the most widely known, readily available and one of the most useful sources of financial support. However, there are a range of other types of bursaries, grants and awards available.

University Bursaries

University Bursaries are non repayable bursaries, typically for £310 upwards (but can be for much more), for students receiving the full Maintenance Grant/Special Support Grant. What is available will depend on where you live and which institution you are enrolled at. See our article on Access Agreement Bursaries for more information.

Armed Forces Bursaries/Cadetships

These are generous and may be worth considering, provided you are happy to commit to an agreed number of years working as a doctor in the Army, Navy or Air Force. Each service offers a different package with different incentives. See the Armed Forces Bursaries section for more information.

Medical Awards and Competitions

There are a variety of organisations that set competitions for things such as essay writing. The amounts vary, but they can be a good way of supplementing your income as a medical student. We have compiled a list of organisations that set competitions, but it is always worth keeping an eye out for new competitions on faculty noticeboards or in e-bulletins.