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Rack of clothes

Smart clothes

Not all students can afford a basic set of shirts, let alone secure short-term accommodation with washing and drying facilities. Medical students in difficulty can find professional clothing a real burden even when going for the basics. A regular donation could help keep a student with enough spare shirts to keep a clean supply in rotation throughout their placements, allowing them to focus on the important stuff.



The universally recognised symbol of medicine, and something that no medical student would be without. A good quality stethoscope will set a student back upwards of £60, whilst other mandatory items in the form of academic text-books and equipment carry a similar price-tag. These high-priced, one-off purchases soon add up to major worry.

Toy bus

Travel costs

Placements are often a fair distance from a student's normal place of residence. Drivers need to cover insurance, petrol and parking costs, while bus and train fares can add up even in cheaper areas. All of these costs must be paid up front, and placement allocations aren’t made with provision for students in hardship without the basic funds to get from A to B.

A woman sitting among other people, writing in a notebook which is held in her lap.

Educational events

To make headway in their future career, students need to attend conferences and events to aid their professional development and work towards their chosen specialty. Your donation could help a student meet the costs of travel and registration for a key event.


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