RMBF offers new online wellbeing support for medics

This week, the RMBF is proud to launch a new online wellbeing resource, offering a range of helpful advice and information for medics of all ages and specialties.

Provided by Rightsteps, it covers a wide range of ways to look after your mental and physical health, including advice on wellbeing during the Covid-19 crisis. It is just one of a suite of online wellbeing resources that will be added to the RMBF website in the near future.

Wellbeing sessions

A key benefit of the resource is the series of in-depth “Wellbeing Sessions”. These offer doctors and medical students the chance to make lasting positive change in areas of their wellbeing. They offer structured, self-guided support that explores issues in more depth than many other online wellbeing resources.

Signing up only requires an email address so a unique secure login can be created for you. After that, the support you access is entirely confidential, although we may contact you via email to help evaluate the service. We hope this will prove a helpful addition to the support we offer for doctors and medical students at this very difficult time and beyond.

Sign up for Wellbeing Sessions

Other types of support

If you have less time available, or would like to explore a range of topics to find out what would most benefit you, the resource offers two other varieties of support session.

“Find Out More” guides offer a starting point, providing an overview of up-to-date information on a topic, plus top tips and advice on what to do next. “Bitesize” sessions can help you begin to make positive changes by providing psychological techniques and strategies that you can put in to practise straight away.

These sessions are open to everyone, and can benefit doctors, medical students and family members alike.

Explore the Rightsteps wellbeing resource