New help and advice resource for anaesthetists

The RMBF and the Association of Anaesthetists have partnered to launch a new guide to help improve anaesthetists’ wellbeing during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The guide is the latest instalment in our popular series The Vital Signs, and is now available as a free download. These guides set out key stress and pressure points for doctors to look out for, provide practical advice, and signpost sources of support.

Cover of our publication Vital Signs in Anaesthesia

Vital Signs in Anaesthesia: A guide for anaesthetists seeking help and advice during the COVID crisis (download .pdf)

The first Vital Signs guide was released in 2016 and written by Dr Richard Stevens, an RMBF Trustee and Associate Director at Thames Valley Professional Support Unit. This features contributions from a team of the Association’s senior figures, as well as insight from a survey of working anaesthetists undertaken at a joint stand at the Annual Congress in Glasgow last year. Specifically tailored to provide a timely response to the current crisis, the guide will also be updated to remain relevant in future.

The RMBF and the Association launched a partnership in 2019, aiming to improve wellbeing in the speciality. As well as the new guide, the partnership work includes recruitment of joint volunteers to spread the word of the support both organisations can offer, and joint stands at key Association events to make direct contact with those in the specialty.