National Walking Month: challenge yourself!

We know that walking has huge mental and physical health benefits. This May is National Walking Month, so why not lace up the boots and take on a challenge to support doctors affected by the pandemic?

With evenings getting lighter, and the weather (hopefully) improving, it’s the perfect time to get walking outside. And by setting a personal challenge with a sponsorship target, you can really make it your own! We’ve picked out a few suggestions below, but there are plenty of options just an internet search away.

Walk 10,000 steps a day for a month

Get a good playlist on the headphones, ready a step-counter on your phone or smartwatch, and get going!

Race At Your Pace

Choose a challenge from 5 to 300 miles, and log your progress on over the course of the month to earn a medal and other goodies.

Look forward to a bigger challenge

Why not use National Walking Month to kickstart your training for an organised challenge walk? If you’re feeling confident, you could try a 25km, 50km or even 100km event from the Ultra Challenge series. Visit to find out more

If you’re up for the challenge, we’ll be here to support you any way we can, from promoting an online fundraising page to giving you handy tips on raising money. Get in touch with the team on [email protected] and let us know your plans.