Major new RMBF research briefing published

While we are proud we help so many individuals, we are also concerned that there may be many more doctors and medical students in hardship who are not coming forward to access the help we can offer. It is important that we continue to meet the changing needs of the profession, and so we asked University College London (UCL) Medical School’s Research Department of Medical Education to investigate.

Our brand new report, “Helping doctors and their families in times of hardship: can we do more?”, summarises the research findings. It provides valuable data insights addressing the key research questions:

  • Who is experiencing financial difficulties and why?
  • Where do doctors and medical students go for help and advice?
  • What can prevent, or support, help seeking?

The report provides at-a-glance summaries and infographics, as well as details on how this research will help shape the future work of the charity.

Download the report (.pdf)