More support

These organisations may be able to offer support to doctors and medical students on a range of issues. Click a tag from the list below to find organisations for a specific issue, or browse the whole list using the arrows at the bottom of this page.

Information provided about these organisations is correct as of the time of publication. We are unable to monitor the content of external websites, and inclusion in this list is not an endorsement of an organisation’s services, products or online content.

Medics’ Money

Who they help All doctors from F1 to Consultant/GP and beyond. Empowering all doctors to make better financial decisions. Type of help provided Free step by step guides and information…

The Cameron Fund

Who they help GPs and/or their dependants. Type of help provided Help with one-off grants/loans,regular ongoing support and student awards for children of beneficiaries. Times that help is provided Mon-Fri,…