President's Appeal 2020

In times of great upheaval and uncertainty, acts of kindness and generosity are more precious than ever.

The incredible response to our urgent coronavirus appeal in April was extremely heartening, and I offer my sincerest thanks to all our supporters.

While your donations have done so much to provide relief to doctors and medical students, the pandemic is not over, and its repercussions will be felt for many months, even years.

In addition to Covid-19 pressures, some doctors face illness, burnout, bereavement or disability. Will you answer this call for help?

Too often, we see multiple stressors coming together that really hit doctors hard. It’s difficult enough coping with fatigue or depression when you have a senior job and a secure family home. But for a younger doctor – often burdened with debt, and with no financial safety net – an illness, injury or family crisis can bring things crashing down very quickly.

The right help at the right time can be really transformative for doctors under intense pressure.

By donating today, you can help us provide a tailored package of support that responds to a doctor’s most urgent needs when they are in crisis. For a doctor experiencing life-changing illness or injury, it could mean help to pay for essential living expenses, plus some money advice to help put things in order. That can mean the difference between losing and keeping their family home.

Demand for our services is set to grow. A recent survey found that over 1,000 doctors want to quit the NHS, citing Covid-19 burnout as a major factor. You can help us reach those doctors who most need our help.

It’s always heart-breaking to hear the stories of truly awful hardship that have led a doctor to seek our support. Please donate today, and help us transform the lives of doctors in urgent need.

Many thanks and warmest wishes

Professor Sheila the Baroness Hollins
RMBF President

Professor Shiela the Baroness Hollins wearing a white jacket