Support for Medical Students 2017

We're extending and improving the help we offer to medical students, to help safeguard the future of the profession.

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Supporting the future of the medical profession

In 2012, the RMBF started offering support to medical students facing exceptional and unexpected financial hardship. The pilot programme, which offered repayable loans as well as online financial advice and support, was a great success. We have helped dozens of students to make it through medical education and become working doctors, and hundreds more have been supported through our online services.

Extending our help

After careful evaluation and feedback from the Medical Student Programme’s beneficiaries and applicants, we are extending and relaunching the support we offer to medical students. We hope to reach more of those who are going through hard times while studying, to support them and ensure they have the stability they need to recover and qualify to become healthy, resilient doctors. The campaign relaunch is kindly supported by MDDUS.

Grants now available

The RMBF offers financial help in the form of grants for students facing critical and unexpected financial hardship while studying. Previously this support was offered in the form of loans, but by switching to grants, we hope to reach more students in need who may be wary of taking on additional debt.

New publications

The Vital Signs for Medical Students, the third in our series of Vital Signs guides, highlights key pressure trigger points for medical students and provides advice on managing stress during the rigours of medical education. Our new-look leaflet, for distribution in medical schools, will also set out the support on offer and encourage students to seek help in difficult times.

Visit the links below to download resources, find out more information on the relaunched campaign, and see what support we offer to medical students.

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