Below is a list of some of the organisations that offer grants and bursaries for medical students looking to do electives.

These are all independent of the RMBF, so please contact the relevant organisation directly for more information via the website links and contacts provided below.

See our section on charitable trusts for tips on how to apply.

The Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland Elective Bursary

All medical students in Great Britain and Ireland are eligible to apply to the AAGBI for funding towards a medical student elective period. Preference will be given to those applicants who can show that their intended elective has an anaesthetic, intensive care or pain relief interest.


Beit Trust Medical Elective Bursaries

The Beit Trust offers over 20 bursaries each year for students who plan to undertake self-organised medical electives in southern Africa (Zimbabwe, Malawi or Zambia). Placements of six weeks (or preferably longer), in more rural locations where students can help make a difference to both the hospitals and the lives of those living in the local communities that the hospitals serve, are favoured. National state teaching hospitals are not generally favoured. The Beit Trust is keen to encourage more medical electives in Zimbabwe. Since elective costs in Zimbabwe are sometimes higher than in other countries, larger grants may be awarded.

Website (via Medical Schools Council)

BlackStone Tutors

BlackStone Tutors offer The Simmonds Bursary for medical school students undertaking an elective within the next twelve months. The bursary of £250 is available for medical students undertaking an elective in the UK or abroad, with a research component.


British Society of Dermatologists

The British Association of Dermatologists offers grants to encourage students to undertake small research projects or optional periods in the study of topics related to dermatology or skin biology.

Sophie Cox
British Association of Dermatologists
4 Fitzroy Square
Tel: 020 7383 0266

Email: [email protected]

British Society for Haematology

The Society provides Student Scholarships with a maximum value of £1,000 to support UK-based undergraduates undertaking electives in the field of haematology.


British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons

BAPRAS offers students bursaries intended to provide financial support for medical students who wish to undertake research, travel or an elective in a subject related to plastic surgery.


British Geriatrics Society

Offers a limited number of grants to enable medical students to make use of their elective period for a project concerned with health or health care in old age, either in the UK or abroad.


British Medical and Dental Student’s Trust

A registered charity in both England and Scotland, which provides travel scholarships to help support medical and dental students going abroad for their electives.


CoScan Travel Awards

The Travel Award Scheme offers valuable assistance to young people travelling to the Nordic countries for study or adventure.


Dermatology Fundation

The Dermatology Foundation’s Research Awards Program offers career development awards, fellowships, and grants that are intended to advance the early academic careers and research efforts of physicians and scientists in dermatology and cutaneous biology.


Edinburgh Medical Mission Society

EMMS International offers grants to assist medical, dental, nursing and therapy students, (e.g. nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy) who are undertaking their elective at a mission hospital overseas.


The Electives Network

For over a decade, The Electives Network (TEN) has been building a comprehensive elective database, complete with contact details, photos, feedback reports, and case studies. Membership to The Electives Network is free for UK medical students through The MDU. TEN also have a team of elective experts on hand 24/7 to help you with advice and one on one information. Awards include the Dr Hamilton Award and the Electives Network Award.

Tel: 01400 269 049
Email: [email protected]

Faculty of Occupational Medicine

The Faculty of Occupational Medicine has two elective prizes, the Mobbs Corporate Health Fellowships and the Exxon Mobil Medical Student Elective award. These are are open to medical undergraduates and doctors in Foundation Years 1 and 2. The aim is to enable students and junior doctors to experience work in an occupational health/medicine environment, in the UK or overseas.


Gen Foundation

The Gen Foundation supports those who excel in the areas of biological, chemical, botanical, and food sciences.


Institute of Medical Ethics

The Institute of Medical Ethics (IME) offers grants, student elective bursaries, internships and scholarships (covering the next academic year) for students wishing to do an intercalated degree in medical ethics or an allied subject. These grants are only for undergraduate students.


Lady Allen of Hurtwood Memorial Trust

Applications are invited from candidates with a scheduled travel project in mind. They must offer full details of how the award will help them to gain specific knowledge and experience, which will enhance the quality and nature of their work with young children and their families.


The Medic Portal

The Medic Portal currently offer three elective prizes of varying amounts. Applications are via essay and should be e-mailed to the elective team.

E-mail: [email protected]

Medical Women’s Federation

The Medical Women’s Federation awards and oversees a variety of grants and prizes throughout the year. Contact the central office or visit the website to download application forms and view deadlines.



MDDUS Student Members can also benefit from the opportunity to apply for an elective travel scholarship from the British Medical and Dental Student Trust (BMDST).


Nursing Association of Jamaica

A national non-profit making charitable association formed in 1978. They offer one-off grants for students of health education or sciences, primarily from black and minority groups.


Pathological Society

The Society offers a range of grants to support high quality research in pathology and travel to encourage collaboration and the learning of new techniques.


Professional Medical Finance

An Elective Bursary is offered through Professional Medical Education.


Reg Gilbert International Youth Friendship Trust (GIFT)

GIFT supports outgoing young UK citizens to establish friendships and direct cultural contacts through ‘homestay’ visits with indigenous communities in developing countries. They give a limited number of bursaries each year to young adventurers who have made their arrangements through bona-fide organisations who arrange homestay projects in third world countries. Independent travellers would need to submit a comprehensive and verifiable breakdown of their arrangements.


Renal Association

The Renal Association awards 8 bursaries each year to medical students planning to undertake electives with a significant renal component, either clinical or research.


Roger and Miriam Pilkington Trust

Grants to medical students aged 18-25 towards costs of electives at home and abroad. Applicants must raise a significant proportion of funds needed through their own efforts.

Mrs Jane Fagan
C/o Brabners Chaffe Street
Horton House
Exchange Flags
L2 3YL

Tel: 0151 600 3000

RCP London

Up to four grants are available each year to undergraduate medical students at UK universities, who will be undertaking a medical elective overseas.


Royal College of Radiologists

Ten bursaries funded by The Royal College of Radiologists, to assist UK clinical medical undergraduate students to undertake periods of elective study, in the UK or abroad, in clinical radiology.


Royal College of Surgeons

The Preiskel Prize is an award for clinical students wishing to pursue a career in surgery and planning to undertake an elective in surgery in the developing world.


Royal Society of Medicine

The RSM runs a variety of competitions and awards for medical students. See the RSM website for a full list of awards and prizes.


The Scar Free Foundation

The Scar Free Foundation offers £1200 awards for students to undertake their electives for research in the area of ‘disfigurement and visible loss of function.’ Projects can be undertaken in either the U.K or abroad.


Society for General Microbiology

SGM offer a limited number of awards to enable medical, dental and veterinary science undergraduates to work on microbiological research projects during their elective periods/extramural studies.


St Francis Leprosy Guild

The St. Francis Leprosy Guild provides funding for elective students wishing to undertake their elective on a leprosy-related subject.

E-mail: [email protected]


If you know of any more organisations or awards to add to this list, please get in touch.

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