An important part of the MLOs’ role is to provide feedback to the RMBF about emerging needs within the medical profession.  Of particular interest are changes in the NHS which might have an effect on the employment of doctors, their financial situation, or their mental and physical health. Also of interest are doctors who may face particular difficulties due to their situation (such as refugee doctors or doctors with disabilities) or to the nature of their employment (such as locum work or short term contracts).

If you read something in the medical press or online forums, or hear subjects being discussed at medical meetings that you think the RMBF should know about, do let us know. If you’re not sure if something is relevant to the RMBF’s work, you can always check with the VPM.

Networking and idea-sharing meeting with fellow MLOs

This is an informal meeting, usually held in May at the RMBF’s Wimbledon office, to give new and experienced MLOs the chance to talk about their own experiences of raising the RMBF’s profile locally and within their specialty. There is a flexible agenda for the day, providing ample opportunity for debate and discussion on medical issues that could be important to the RMBF’s future work.

The day provides an ideal environment for MLOs to meet other volunteers and have the chance to voice their opinions on relevant matters and to meet RMBF staff and trustees.

Bi-annual activity survey

We value everyone’s contributions and ask our MLOs to complete an online activity survey twice a year – as part of the annual volunteer survey in July/August  (see below) and at the end of the year in December.

MLOs are asked how they have been raising the RMBF’s profile and what networking opportunities they have undertaken since the last activity survey. All their ideas can then be shared with other volunteering colleagues, as well as RMBF staff and trustees at various RMBF events such as the AGM and regional meetings. By providing a record of their activities on our behalf we can assess their impact on raising the profile of the RMBF.

RMBF annual volunteering feedback survey

Every year, all volunteers are asked to complete an online survey, giving them the opportunity to tell us their volunteering experiences. MLOs are also given the opportunity to highlight current issues in their area and/or specialty which might affect the RMBF’s work. They are also asked to highlight emerging needs within the medical community to identify where the RMBF might best contribute. Their comments and suggestions help the RMBF understand the pressures facing the medical profession, and how the RMBF’s services can be developed to meet any growing needs.

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