By promoting the RMBF’s work, MLOs help to ensure that colleagues know about the services and support available, should they require them.

MLOs are encouraged to promote the work of the RMBF however they are able, both formally and informally. The role is a flexible, one to take account of time commitments and work schedules. For example, MLOs can promote the RMBF by:

  • asking colleagues if they are aware of any doctors or their families likely to need help
  • promoting the RMBF through social media channels such as Linked In, Twitter and Facebook
  • distributing literature about the RMBF
  • providing information about the RMBF’s services on notice boards
  • writing articles in medical journals and newsletters
  • arranging a stand at medical conferences, meetings or exhibitions
  • putting the RMBF on the agenda at relevant meetings
  • organising a slot for the RMBF DVD and/or a speaker from the RMBF (including yourself)
  • setting up web links to the RMBF’s website
  • e-mailing colleagues with information about the RMBF
  • distributing information at training sessions
  • making contact with their HR department, particularly those responsible for staff welfare

RMBF social media policy

We ask all volunteers to follow RMBF Social Media policy guidelines when promoting the work of the organisation. We encourage the responsible use of social media and expect our volunteers to remember that they are all ambassadors for the charity and that social media is never private.

This policy is solely for volunteers and aims to:

  1. Give clear guidelines on what volunteers can say about the organisation
  2. Comply with relevant legislation and protect volunteers
  3. Help volunteers draw a line between their private lives and their volunteering
  4. Protect RMBF against liability for the actions of volunteers

The social media policy is currently being edited and will be online shortly – for now, to request a copy please contact the Volunteer Programme Manager.

Tips on preparing for a presentation on behalf of the RMBF

Sometimes an MLO might get the opportunity to give a presentation on behalf of the RMBF. When preparing for a presentation, it is useful to keep in mind the following points:

  • Find out about your audience before the meeting e.g. are they admin staff looking after doctors, or doctors themselves?
  • Find out how long you will have to speak and tailor your presentation’s length accordingly.
  • IT issues – always ask about the facilities and be prepared for things not to work e.g. projector out of focus, blurred screen etc.
  • Talk about personal issues such as if you know of someone who has received help from the RMBF. Giving real life stories can really bring a presentation to life.

Here are examples of how two experienced MLOs have approached their profile raising roles for the RMBF.

Dr Angela Scott – retired histopathologist

  • Initially asked Medical Director if could email all consultants in hospital
  • Approached lead clinicians asking if could attend staff meetings and give talk on RMBF- making sure junior doctors are present
  • It hasn’t all been plain sailing – “I have turned up for a meeting and the consultant has forgotten I was going to be there and had to wait!”
  • Sometimes you never get an answer from the head of department and have to grab the moment – “I met the head of A&E in the corridor and asked when I could attend – he said are you free now and I gave the talk there and then. Luckily I had supply of leaflets in my bag.”
  • More formal at Junior Doctors Induction Day. “I’m there for 7.30am and have 30 minutes to work the room whilst they’re having breakfast.”
  • Leave leaflets in Post Graduate Centre and at Medical Staff Committee meetings

Dr Chi Davies – full-time anaesthetist

  • Leave a handful of leaflets in junior doctors mess and restock every week or so.
  • Leaflets in rooms being used for meetings
  • Noticeboards
  • Arrange for leaflets to be distributed with car park permits for junior doctors
  • Folkstone Medical Society – network meeting
  • At conferences leave the table for a while – leaflets will disappear
  • All university hospitals have to delegate a member of HR to be responsible for the moral support of med students and junior doctors. They will be the first person in the hospital to pick up on any problems. At my hospital the staff member is called the Friend of junior doctors

Publicity resources

To help MLOs promote the RMBF, the following publicity resources are available:

DVD – featuring doctors and their families talking about the problems they faced and the difference the RMBF’s help made

Information leaflet – includes case studies of the help available from the RMBF and contact details

RMBF information business cards – basic contact & support details

MLO PowerPoint presentation – provides key information on how the RMBF delivers its services

RMBF Case for Support and Elevator Pitch

If you would like to request copies of any of the materials listed above, please contact the VPM.

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