Our aim is to make a real difference to the lives of medics in times of need. We try to help our beneficiaries become independent and self-sufficient again, while maintaining longer-term support for those who need it.

We also aim to make a real difference in the lives of medical students and their families facing financial hardship due to unforeseen difficult circumstances.

RMBF’s Charitable Objects

To prevent or relieve poverty and to relieve need arising from youth, age, ill health, disability or bereavement
For doctors or those who have worked as doctors, medical students and their dependants

Types of financial assistance we offer

Regular grant

Awarded and paid to a beneficiary on a regular basis.  Calculated and presented as a weekly amount but paid monthly.

Other awards

Awarded for specific costs not covered by the regular grant, e.g. back to work/retraining costs, eventualities awards for essential unexpected costs, children’s/child care costs, one-off costs where there is an urgent identified need.

Secured loan

Awarded where there is an identified need for a significant level of financial assistance and there is documentary evidence of ownership and adequate equity in a property. Details of the secured loan are entered on the mortgage deed and with the Land Registry so that when the property is sold the loan will be automatically repaid to the RMBF.

Unsecured loan

Awarded where there is an identified need for a significant level of immediate financial assistance in order to alleviate current financial difficulties and the beneficiary does not own a property or there is limited or no equity.  The beneficiary accepts the loan by signing a loan agreement letter.

When a beneficiary is in a position to repay the loan, this is encouraged and a repayment plan is arranged.

Other assistance offered

The RMBF has contracts with several external support services. Eligible beneficiaries may request or be recommended for referral for time-limited consultation sessions.

Money advice service

The RMBF’s Money Adviser can help doctors struggling with debt to get their finances under control. The Money Advisor can also help to ensure that our beneficiaries are claiming all the state benefits they are eligible to receive.

Legal advice line

Occasionally, beneficiaries will contact the RMBF with a legal enquiry.  Professional and practical advice can be arranged on property, tax, family, employment, bereavement, and consumer and motoring law.  The advice is telephone-based and usually one-off, although some areas of difficulty can require more than a single discussion.  No written support or legal representation is provided.

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