If you’ve used our budget planner, you should have a pretty good idea of how much you spend and on what. Economising is not about giving up everything you enjoy, but learning to compromise and finding cheaper alternatives. Here are a few simple ideas on where to save money – click the links below for more information.


You don’t have to spend a fortune to look smart. Shop at discount clothing stores and look out for sales.

Council TaxCouncil Tax_Dark

Most full-time students are exempt from paying council tax, but you must inform your local council of your student status.

Daily expensesMoney_Dark

By making small changes to your daily routine, you can make valuable savings.

Entertainment & leisureEntertainment_dark

Take advantage of student nights and cut price tickets at bars, clubs, restaurants and cinemas.

Food & shoppingShopping_Dark

Cooking at home can save you money and be healthy. Buying supermarket brands and taking advantage of promotional offers can also reduce costs.

Insurance & Car InsuranceInsurance_Dark

Insuring your belongings will costs less than replacing them. Look for deals and choose the right level of insurance for you.

Textbooks & equipmentBooks_Dark

Books and equipment can be sourced from fellow students, and if you need to purchase try to use second-hand stores.


Walking or cycling is a cheap and healthy way of getting around. Your NUS extra card also entitles you to discounted ticket prices.

TV, phone and internetWireless_Dark

Getting your TV, phone and broadband as a package can work out cheaper than purchasing each service individually.

Utility billsFlame_Dark 

Make sure you are getting the best deal from your gas or electricity supplier – switching to a different provider could save you money.