Moving to a new property

When you’ve finally found the right place, here’s a checklist of what you should be doing and looking out for:

  • With the landlord or letting agent, look round the property and produce an agreed inventory list. Without this, the landlord or agent may hold you responsible for small issues or breakages that were there in the first place, and withhold part or all of your deposit.
  • Take photos of damages when you move in – don’t forget to date stamp the photo when taking it.
  • Check if any bills are included in your contract. If they are not, hunt around for cheap utility providers and TV, broadband and phone suppliers. Ask your landlord who provides your gas and electricity, or call your local Meter Point Administration Service who will be able to inform you who your supplier is.
  • Take a meter reading as soon as you move in, so that you are not paying for the previous tenants’ usage.
  • Inform the local council that your house is a student dwelling, to ensure that you can be exempted from council tax.
  • Don’t forget to get a TV Licence.
  • Check and double check the contract before you sign, to avoid any nasty surprises.
  • Check your contents insurance.
  • If you live with more than one person, it may be a good idea to organise a joint bank account for bills.

Moving out of a property

Moving out can be just as complicated as moving in! This check list can be used as a guideline to what you should be doing before you leave a property.

  • Cancel all utilities (unless they are provided by the landlord or agent).
  • Give a final meter reading.
  • Clean the property, get rid of rubbish, vacuum and make sure that any damages (unless it’s natural wear and tear) are fixed by the terms of your contract.
  • Don’t forget to redirect any post.
  • Don’t forget to cancel or transfer your TV licence and insurance.

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