When moving away from home to university, many prospective students feel daunted by the task of searching for accommodation.

Halls of residence are where most students live in their first year of university or college. They’re a great place to start your student life because you’re in your own place but still have a support network of peers and university staff around you.

Some first year students, and most students from later years, will go into private rented accommodation. When going into the world of private renting for the first time there are several important decisions to be made; where to live, who to live with, how much to pay, and so on. We’ve put together a series of information covering the main issues that we hope will make the whole experience a little less stressful.

House hunting

Our house hunting section has information on what contracts and deposit you will need when searching for a place to live.

Moving in and moving out of a property

There are a few things to watch out for when moving in and out of a property. Use our guide so that you don’t get stung for unnecessary charges.

Dealing with landlords and letting agents

When renting a property, you will either deal directly with the landlord or through a letting agent. Our guide to dealing with landlords and agents has information on who’s responsible for maintaining the property and conducting repairs, what to do if you don’t get your deposit back, and the fees that agents charge.

For information on how you can save money on council tax and utility bills, see our top tips section.