Urgent mental health appeal

Mental health issues among doctors are surging. Your support can help turn the tide.

An urgent appeal from our President

Dear friends,

I am sure you are aware of the ever-increasing pressure on our doctors. In my career as a psychiatrist, I have seen first-hand just how severely work pressures can affect mental health. As President of the RMBF, I’m concerned what this sustained pressure could mean for the wellbeing of our medical profession.

We know that doctors are at greater risk of burnout, depression and suicide compared to the general working population.

It has become increasingly common to see doctors facing financial hardship that has been caused, or worsened, by mental health difficulties. The RMBF has seen a surge in requests for help due to mental health issues – in fact, it has become the number one reason doctors turn to us for support. We have also seen an 80% increase in referrals to DocHealth, the confidential psychotherapy service we support together with the BMA.

That’s why I’m writing to you today with this urgent appeal. Please donate and help us be there for doctors struggling with their mental health.