Vital statistics: 2019-20

273 beneficiaries received financial help

41 were helped to return to work or remain in work

41 were helped towards education and training

103,000 visits to our online support services

62 medical students received individual money advice

£697,313 total financial impact on our beneficiaries


Confidential psychotherapy service for all UK doctors, provided by the RMBF and the BMA (visit website)

770 doctors have now self-referred to the service

84% with high or very high risk of burnout
54% with significant depression
80% with significant anxiety

91% would recommend the service to others

DocHealth data from July 2020


Year ended 31st March 2020


  • Donations £367,495
  • Legacies £465,114
  • Trading £44,144
  • Investment income £557,093

Total £1,433,846


  • Charitable activities £1,311,759
  • Generating future income £156,323
  • Trading £24,400
  • Other £160,333

Total £1,652,815

The above is a summary: for more detailed information, download our annual report and accounts 2019-20 (.pdf)

Research into unmet need

The RMBF is undertaking a project to better understand the levels of unmet need for support among UK doctors and medical students.

Proposal outline (.pdf)