Vital statistics: 2018-19

Increasing our impact

300 beneficiaries received financial help
(18% increase on last year)

47 were helped to return to work or remain in work
(57% increase on last year)

32 were helped towards education and training

124,000 visits to our online support services

86 medical students received money advice

£804,731 total financial impact on our beneficiaries


Confidential psychotherapy service for all UK doctors, provided by the RMBF and the BMA (visit website)

503 doctors have now self-referred to the service

83% with high or very high risk of burnout
51% with significant depression
85% with significant anxiety

91% would recommend the service to others

DocHealth data from May 2019


Year ended 31st March 2019

Sources of Income

Pie chart: sources of income 2018-19

Donations £333,564; Legacies £140,731; Trading £19,944; Investment income £617,502; Total £1,111,741


Pie chart: expenditure 2018-19

Charitable activities £1,357,423; Generating future income £371,414; Trading £6,348; Total £1,735,185

The above is a summary: for more detailed information, download our annual report and accounts 2018-19 (.pdf)

Research into unmet need

The RMBF is undertaking a project to better understand the levels of unmet need for support among UK doctors and medical students.

Proposal outline (.pdf)