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Help spread the word

The RMBF relies on members of the medical profession to spread the word about our work and our services.

TalkTell your colleagues and friends

Word of mouth is an important way of letting people know about the services that the RMBF provides. Please tell your colleagues and friends about the RMBF. If you know somebody who needs our help, please encourage them to contact us in confidence.


ComputerHelp establish website links

If you have contacts with medically related websites and can arrange a link with to website, or a short article on the work of the RMBF, this would be greatly appreciated. We are also always looking to keep our other two support websites, Support4Doctors and Money4Medstudents, up to date with relevant content.



Promote us at meetings or conferences

We have a short presentation about the work of the RMBF and how we engage with the medical profession. We also have a selection of leaflets and posters that explain more about the RMBF and our work. We would be happy to provide the presentation, the literature and/or a guest speaker for medical meetings, conferences and events.


Medical Liaison OfficerBecome a Medical Liaison Officer

Medical Liaison Officers Liaise with hospitals, medical centres and societies in your area to ensure they know what help is available to colleagues and their families in need. They also keep us up to date with the issues affecting doctors and their families locally, to ensure our help remains relevant across the UK. For more information, have a look at the volunteering section.

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