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Finishing in under 4hrs

Welcome to Chirstopher's first blog

For his first attempt at the 26 mile race, Chris will aim to break the famous 4hr mark...

February Blog – Finishing in under 4hrs

'Just want to say a big thank you for all those who have sponsored me so far. I'm10% towards my goal and still a few more months to go before the big day. I'm sure (with your support) we are going to easily reach that total!

The training has been going extremely well. In the last weeks I've completed 10 training sessions with 4 long runs at the end of each week. In the 1st four weeks I have run over 80k I could not be happier with the progress, I'm averaging around 5 min per kilometre which is keeping me on track for my goal for the race of around 3h 30 min.

These 1st few weeks have very much been concentrating on getting used to running for long periods of time. Having never run further than 10 miles the marathon is a big step up in distance.

Weekdays are taken up with three runs of various time lengths but nothing ever over an hour. During these runs I'm doing a lot of hill and sprint training to try and build up muscle for when it comes to tackling the longer runs.

My one long weekly run takes place every Sunday morning. These have been progressing nicely and on the 1st of February I completed my furthest run of 19km in 1h 30min

Over the next few weeks I hope to continue to build my strength with the shorter runs during the week while taking it a bit easier on the long runs to prevent any injury.'


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